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from the CD, "TRIBUTE FOR SALVATION" original Jamaican Standard Rhythm/Riddim by the late great JACKIE MITTOO who paved the road for many and also wrote another genius composition, "OBOE". There is no actual oboe on the track and will record one day. Released and greeted with great enthusiasm with Jawge Hughes and Tony Chin, while impressive techno drum and bass and percussion tracks on YIN YANG CD (©2004 MOLIN MUSIC) it was released as "Life In The Arena" (Original of Jackie Mittoo titled both, "Death In The Arena" or "Champion Of The Arena." Always wanted to record it again with the great Fully Fullwood, Tony Chin, Santa Davis. Backing Joe Higgs on tour, original members of Soul Syndicate, Fully, Tony and Santa frequently opened Joe's shows with this vibrant song! Santa is Ziggy Marley's drummer and recorded and toured with Bob Marley. Fully Fullwood best known as Peter Tosh's bassie many years and Tony Chin who worked with Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Joe Higgs, Marcia Griffiths, Fully Fullwood Band and now me. What an honor, they are the hardest working out there, helping homeless youth. Off their famous tours, Michael Hyde (Ziggy Marley) and Munyungo Jackson (Stevie Wonder) added their mastery as well in this new arrangement. A labor of love, truly the best around, living legends, give thanks, Jah Bless! Those who were on the dials and levels, Bill Dashiell and Keith Jones, one love. You are both the greatest! Jah love and thanks to the animals on land and in oceans and my family. Give thanks to the magnificent people that made this video possible and imovie, youtube, Facebook, myspace, Google, etc. Reducing my carbon imprint, plant based and feeling great! one love.