1. Open Door

From the recording Open Door

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Open Door (Rembert James) by Anna Fisher

Anna Fisher - English horn
Vibraphone - Onaje Murray
Richard Grant - trumpet
Rembert James - trombone
John Rangel - piano
Nedra Wheeler - bass
Marcus Milller - drums
Derf Reklaw - percussion

Engineers: Nolan Sheehan, Bill Dashiell and Keith Jones
Mastering: Keith Jones

Recorded at No Sound and Sunnyside Studios Pasadena and Los Angeles, CA

Co-produced by Anna Fisher and Rembert James


English horn: Anna Fisher
Vibraphone: Onaje Murray
Trumpet: Richard Grant
Trombone: Rembert James
Piano: John Rangel
Double Bass: Nedra Wheeler
Drums: Marcus Miller
Percussion: Derf Reklaw