Anna Fisher is one of a handful of classical oboe and English horn players who has taken those instruments into new and rarely used genres to create a fresh new sound in music. 

Born and raised within a musical family, Fisher began private oboe study at the age of 11 and fell in love with the sultry penetrating sounds of Yusef Lateef, Mitch Miller and John McCandless who were trailblazers for oboe music outside of the classical realm. Seeing Martin Luther King, Jr. give his "I Have A Dream" Speech at the March on Washington in 1963 left an indelible mark that permeated her vision for a better future of brotherhood and tolerance.

Years of study at the conservatory level since High School, summers spent at Northeast Music Camp, Tanglewood Insititute and Indiana University Summer Music Festival and concert tours with the Rome Festival Orchestra and Massachusetts Youth Wind Ensemble, she knew music would always play a major role in her life. 

Her teachers in oboe include Patricia Morehead, David Huston, Ira Deutch, John Holmes Jerry Sirucek, Vance Reger, Laila Storch and Masterclasses with Joseph Robinson and John Mack. She has performed on stage with Jazz Greats, Barbara Morrison, Ernie Andrews, John B. Williams, John Williams, Onaje Murray, Ndugu Chancelor and Norman Connors to name a few. She has performed onstage with The Wailers, Frankie Paul, Calton Coffie, Screwdriver, Simple Simon, Soul Syndicate and Jubilee House Orchestra as well as two tours to Jamaica to perform in honor of the late great Joe Higgs, founder of Reggae and mentor to both she and Bob Marley among others. 

Writing originals, arranging covers and premiering others' originals, her music is anchored with the double reed sound. Additionally, she also sings on some of her tracks and has collaborated with other fine vocalists to embellish her songs influenced by her favorite reggae and jazz artists. 

She has toured Italy, Greece, North America, Hawaii and the Caribbean gracing venues with oboe and English horn as an ambassador of peace. 

Anna recruited some of the very best musicians she could find to accompany her and has received international airplay and recognition for her unique works. In addition to composing, arranging and performing, she also produced all of her tracks on her own label, MOLIN MUSIC founded in 1993 and named for her two children Monique and Lincoln. 

She has graced stages and arenas to bring her sound to the populace. She has opened a Los Angeles Clippers vs. Portland Trailblazers Game at Arrowhead Pond Arena in Anaheim, CA. Opened for major acts such as Alpha Blondy, Third World Band and Frankie Paul. She has recorded for Ed Townsend, Jawge Hughes, Onaje Muirray, Soul Syndicate and earned a Grammy Nomination with Third World Band for "Black Gold Green" Album paying tribute to her friend and mentor Joe Higgs in a rendition of "There's A Reward" with Bunny Rugs, Stephen Cat Coore and Fiona Robinson on vocals. They celebrate their 47th Anniversary in the industry. Produced by Tuff Gong (Bob Marley's label) nominated for another Grammy this year, they are still holding strong with their latest album, "More Work to Be Done" 

The Oboelady has also been awarded Jazz Artist of the Year by the Watts Summer Festival, International Artist of the Year by the Joe Higgs Music Awards and has commendation awards from the California State Legislature, City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles City Council and Mid-City Chamber of Commerce for her efforts to bring unity to the communities. She has two songs in Spanish in her discography and a tribute to Nelson Mandela. Her latest of four solo albums incorporates the sounds of Soul Syndicate titled, "Tribute For Salvation" paying respect to Horace Silver, Jackie Mittoo, Abyssinians, Bob Marley, The Beatles, Johnny Nash and Jimmy Cliff. She has also paid tribute to Carole King and Stevie Wonder as well as Yusef Lateef and John Coltrane on earlier releases.

"Babes and Sucklin" a track she produced with Empress Akua on vocals and herself on oboe backed by members of Soul Syndicate, Tony Chin, Fully Fullwood, Carlton Santa Davis as well as Michael Hyde and Munyungo Jackson is being distributed by Tuff Gong International on her album "Time Capsule Collective". It carries a roots conscious message over the "Judgement" or "Egyptian Riddim created by Earl Zero. "Did you forget about the babes and sucklin, who will teach them to grow up and do the right thing. Mama Africa" with Anna's haunting oboe penetrating throughout. 

She has been featured speaker/performer and panelist at schools, universities, shelters, industry conferences, churches and festivals across the globe. As a lifelong professional musician and elementary general music educator and teacher, as well as abuse survivor, her intention has remained to expose the world to the beautiful sounds of instruments while spreading conscious and uplifting messages of universal peace and love.