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Oboelady aka Anna Fisher: PHOTO GALLERY

Oboelady Anna Fisher Los Angeles, CA  photo : Paul Welch
Anna Fisher's Debut Album Reniassance In Formation c. 1996 MOLIN MUSIC (ASCAP)
Oboelady Anna Fisher International Family Festival Los Angeles, CA photo: Fred Carter
MOLIN MUSIC providing fine music since 1993
Yin Yang by Anna Fisher and Jawge Hughes featuring All Star Reggae Artists c. 2004 MOLIN MUSIC
Jawge Hughes and Oboelady Anna Fisher Bob Marley Festival Exodus Tour San Antonio, TX 2000
Ms. Fisher plays a Laubin English horn (F) and a Loree oboe (C)
Portrait by Leon Leonard Jones, Jr.
Jawge Hughes and Oboelady Anna Fisher perform in Kingston, Jamaica
Oboelady Anna Fisher Hals Bar and Grill Venice Beach photo: Cindy Weil
Onaje Murray, Ernest Tibbs and Oboelady Anna Fisher Hals Venice Beach
Third World Band's Grammy nominated album features Oboelady Anna Fisher available on Shanchie Label