ANNA FISHER introducing FOCUS UPDATE, July 30, 2009!


AF - People, Brothers and Sisters, it is almost HERE! Still arranging the information on FOCUS CD liner to be meaningful, accurate, descriptive and artistic. My mission was to present myself in a light I had always dreamed of as a child but shy away from with baby steps attempting to pour my spirit through my double reed horns; English horn and oboe and make attractive (sometimes not)sonorities straight from my heart that yearned to sing to the world to hear! Collaborating with these MOST talented artists whom you may or not know but will hopefully remember now is the genius work of the collective. Honestly, must thank Rembert James first for coaching me, guiding me and most of all teaching me so many things it would take a year to list. Our mission is to help children. We have established an account and all sales of FOCUS will be used in the best way possible to further develop our rising stars most helping them become independent while also making a difference through service to others. We wish to help the least likely to succeed, the homeless, starving, infirm, orphaned, victims of adult greed and selfishness. We CANNOT change the adults they must do that themselves but we CAN most certainly help our weakest in a world they never asked to be brought into. Innocent to all that affects them, they are blamed, humiliated and mistreated. Beaten, sold, raped, dismembered, enslaved and most often murdered or live to do the same to others. Forced to be child soldiers to kill and maim for their elders under control only a fluke to escape like the gangs in our urban populaces. Children in the middle of domestic conflict, children in the line of fire, children holding guns instead of instruments. Children looking for hatred in their heart instead of love. Children in fear who need an honest hand to hold. Overcoming fear is the first step, focus on the END.

Focus on your faith!

Focus on the place you wish to see yourself.

Focus on your dreams!

Focus on the suffering!

Focus on humanity!

Focus on yourself!

Focus on being the difference you wish to see!

Focus on love!

Focus on peace!

Focus on life!

Focus on your family!

Focus on who you were as a child!

Focus on healing!

Focus on forgiveness!

Focus on the moment!

Focus on the road ahead!

Focus on a better world!

Focus on being the very best at whatever it is you do with your life!

Focus on your legacy.

Focus on honesty!

Focus on health!

Focus on hope!

Focus on sound!

Focus on texture!

Focus on color!

Focus on happiness!

Focus on altitude!

Focus on persistence!

Focus on joy!

Focus on the disabled!

Focus on the diseased!

Focus on the victims!

Focus on the solution!

Focus on your heart!

Focus on your life!

Focus on your courage!

Focus on Anna Fisher!

Focus on itunes!

Focus and it WILL happen! 

Focus on NOW!



Please Educate All Children Everywhere


Anna Fisher 






Focus is NANCY FISH introducing ANNA FISHER.

Focus on the English horn

Focus on the oboe in Spartacus

Focus on writing your feedback

Focus on my appreciation

Focus on letting go and refusing to be stressed

Focus on changing the world and staying blessed!


- Anna Fisher    

July 30, 2009