Hi Ms. Fisher, I'm not sure if you remember me or not, but I was in your first grade class at Wilton Place Elementary. Just going through my past.
Hello Anna, I come across your Path in Life through your YouTube videos in particular that song "Self Esteem" on the late James Williams CD "Truth,Justice and the Blues. I sure would like to communicate. Thank you for sharing your experience, strength and hope.
Its great to be back in touch.
Marvelous music here! I found you through your comment on youtube regarding RRK in which you mentioned being in attendance for his final gig at University of Indiana. I wonder what that was like.
Marvelous music! Were you really at RRK's final concert at UI? I wonder what that was like.
I enjoy your music very much and am happy to read that you are also vegan!
Beautiful music. Reminds me of my friend Paul McCandless, I used to produce concerts/festivals/recordings and it was a real treat to hear Paul with Oregon, He lived briefly in Atlanta with my friend Robin who ran a great club called the Bistro and was a great artist as well. Good luck!
I met you at the Rainbow Store in Lynn, Ma. I like your website.
I’ve been visiting your blog for a while now and I always find a gem in your new posts. Thanks for sharing.
Love your music! I think we met when we were both on St John long ago. I'm Ron & Maria de Lugo's daughter, Lito Valls, "Uncle Lito" was my guardian angel and dearest family member. I lived with him on St John...etc., etc. Congratulations on your album! I will spread the news for sure! Gigi
I miss you girl! Sorry, I did not return you call sooner. But been thinking about you ever since. (I am your KPRK buddy, we laughed and talked together). I wanted to work with you and be your part time assistance. You were putting your studio together and hand distributing your CD "Focus" the last time we spoke. I know all is well. God is good and love reigns supreme. Thank you for being the light that you are--a perfect angel--God would not deny. I love you. Let's hook up for the holiday season, and if there is still an opening for assisting you part-time--holler, I am available (peace, love, and blessings always. Debra : )
I enjoyed our chat at the Onion on Saturday as well as being highly impressed by your bio. I hope to hear you perfrom at the Onion some time in the future and chat with you again. With lots of respect and admiration, Chuck
Hi! teacher I like your music and your photos.
Thanks for everything you've donna in music. we love you.
Very Interesting Information! Thank You For Thi Blog!
Dear Mrs Fisher~ I am Fiona Lee your old kindergartin student.Remember.If you are reading this I came to say,"Hello"and my whole family.They think U ROCK!!!!!!!I agree with them.I am going to email you everthing and everday if I remember that is.I am now in a aftershcool named Thinking Tree.But I am trying to make friend but I am a little shy.Can you give me advise to make good friends.I am sad beacuse I need to say lots of things but I have to go now.PS please send back.PSS check on email ever day.
I love your music its wonderful, this is the kind of music I like to listen and dance. nice to meet you and its a pleasure and opportunity to sing happy birthday song with the professionals like you tonight with Andrea at kerry's on her birthday.won't forget this moment
Thank you Anna for introducing me to your music and inspiring me to play and learn my new alto sax. from a long time friend
Am very much blessed meeting you at such a blessed time when God is looking for people who are committed like you for the kingdom building, your passion for Christ has totally challenged my life I live to testify about what God is doing your life and ministry. I must say that we need you in Uganda as soon as possible to bless us in Jesus name Stephen Egesa Adundo President MOMENT OF TRUTH EVANGELISTIC MINISTRIES
Dearest Ms.Fisher, HEllo!!!!!! It has been such a long time! We tried so hard to see you before we left but couldnt catch you somehow. We just wanted to say that we miss you and we will truly treasure what a WONDERFUL kindergarten teacher you were for Lucia! She is in 1st grade now and is 7 and is in the top of her class! :) Please know that we think of you and wish you ALL the best all the time!! Thank you for everything!!! Please keep in touch! Sending you lots of hugs,love and kisses! And HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! :)
I heard parts of your Caribbean vibes on a college radios station on Sunday (WSPN 91.1) and I loved your music.! The oboe is such a great sound...
Wonderful wonderful Music keep up the good work sis very soothing for the Mind keep doing what u doing Much Much Blessings Clinark
for me it is a pleasure to hear such wonderful, the sound and the mix of all these sounds make the music becomes increasingly more pleasant, I plead your fan, thank you very much for brighten my heart with such great music, plus, I love the English horn and what they offer is wonderful sounds great
I enjoyed our conversation while handling your sprint account,LOL
Just posted by della grant on fb, that i heard your rendition of "a child is born", wonderfully done, and what a great tribute to joe higgs. Of course that had me curious of what other talents you have ....and led me to this site. which i am grateful. Loving the vibes.....R your cds available , at streetlight records,borders? or strictly on line? would like to buy a couple....give thanks for your talent. and i'm a new believer in the oboe....keep the enriching vibes going.
Hello Anna , You're the best !
hi anna congratulations for this beautiful relaxing and soothing album.actually iam still reeling from the first song i heard antonio's song.never an album had had such impact from the first wonder it is bound for the grammy nomination among the best jazz albums of 2009. keep up the good work and keep focused
Anna, you have some beautiful music here. most of the artist youv mention I know very well. Yusef,Grusin,kiven Eubanks. You also mention a Jawge Hughes. I knew a groege Huhhes for the Virgin island odds are it's not the same person. great keyboard he is. I love your rendition of teh Michael frank's Antonio. he one of my fav. I can't say i know of anyone elf that plays jazz oboe. a very warm sound i most say. I do wish i could'v been on hat gig in St. John but i wont be on the islands at all. Again your sound is a winner and i hope to work with you one day. I myself is working on a carib/jazz album. I'll keep you posted. much love cliffi
May your ever day be blessed and all your endeavors be prosperous.
You're amazing in all you do.One of the chosen few.Stay strong and continue to give of your best.JAH bless.
Mrs. Fisher!! Wow I can't believe that you are this big star now!! I remember when you were my teacher back at Wilton Place, and you gave me one of your cassettes. My little brother always listened to "Break the Silence - Stop the Violence", and we still do! I hope your road to fame is a successful one!
Thanks for the beautiful music, it's positive and it's soothing, beautiful.
Soothing sound. Nice work. Teddy
Great site...great sounds! As usual you are on top of things. All the best, dear! -Ed
I loved the CD... The Last Two tracks are my Fav's
Fantastic...I must admit when we first met your story was rather wild and I wasnt sure if you were telling the truth but a major part of me said..."it sounds so crazy that she just might be telling the truth." I am amazed and in admiration of you. I am glad to have met you and I wish you the best.
I knew at CCHS that you were something special ! Great Music. I love listening to you during my commute to and from work! Keep it up Anna. I hope to see you next summer once again.
Ms. Fisher: I'm a drummer and just wanted to take time to say your work was sent to me via starlady1. Your sound is fantastic. Thanks starlady1 for Ms. Fisher. Greatly appreciated!
What great sounds, I love your music.
Wow! Anna you are so beautiful and your music is just amazing! I'm lovin it already..
Dearest Ms.Fisher, Thank you for making Kindergarten a wonderful year for Lucia! Thank you for opening up to her some more the beautiful world of music..and for so lovingly teaching her. We will forever be grateful for a teacher like you!
Well, good to meet you, artist. Will look out for your works!
hello anna fisher it is us three from the airplane from L.A to San francisco 5th april 2009. (it was about that time anyway).
Hi Ms.Fisher!! You are the best teacher in the world!! :) Thank you for teaching me how to count to 100 and 1000 and how to read and more new songs!! Can you be my teacher forever? Love, Lucia da Silva
HI MS. ANNA FISHER!!! Do u still remember me from 1st grade?? I haven't emailed you in a while...-_- but i still miss you... you were the best teacher i EVER had... and Middle School is fun, but kinda hard. With all LOve, Nezsha Selah Guerrero
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Hi Ms Fisher Great to see your page. I like the vibe on " Capture the Spirit". Your Oboe playing fits in perfectly
I also studied with Ira Deutsch as a college student. I am now an elementary school vocal music teacher but I remember Ira Deutsch with affection and appreciation. Do you have any current info on him?
Great page...thanks! Love your sounds! -Ed
Hello! All would like to congratulate on coming Christmas!
Anna, it's really great stuff, listened to all of 'Yin Yang' and am halfway through 'Renaissance In Formation'. I'm going to turn my Dad on to it, he loves all kinds of music although he does not play and instrument he is a music lover whose CD collection shames mine... Who are the other musicians on the CDs? That's always something I am interested in? ...Chad
It has been a joy getting to know you and your music. I listened to Yin Yang a couple of times on a drive from Seattle to Portland. I loved it and found myself humming it the next day. Thanks for your wonderful music. Greg
Very nice site. I enjoy your webcam the most. Beautiful scenery! Keep up the great work.
Classmate 1975 who loves your sounds
Hello! My compliments to you -- and to your music. My father's cousin was Ira Deutsch, of Woodstock and Boston. I read that he was a teacher of yours, and I wonder if you have current information about him. I listened to Ira play the piano when he was very young -- and the oboe, once he was in high school. Our family seems to have lost track of him. We were almost contemporaries; he would be in his late sixties, and I hope he is OK, wherever he is. Thank you.
you so real with your music, keep it going,if I may ask have you been to nigeria?
You are an amazing Oboist and an inspiration to aspiring ones. Keep it up my friend & more power!
very nice , keep up the good work ,
i was browsin tru wen i saw ur profile. am in love with u pls call
Hi Anna, dropped by and found out "Fully" and Tony Chin was in the mix...Raspect
Very Nice!
nice site
wonderful site
Just saying hi.
Greetings and Blessings Sista Love,As A Singer And Player Of Instruments,Remain Blessed Under The Banner,And Keep Blowing The Positive Vibes,And Spreading The Love. One Love
Beautiful!!! Keep up the great work!
This is an outstanding site, Anna. congratulations and may you continue to be abundantly blessed.